Great Attorney!

Alex is a great attorney! He returns emails and calls promptly and kept me informed at every step while representing me. He listened, understood the issues, and cared about my situation. Alex was always well prepared and was fabulous in court. I can't thank Alex enough for the excellent work he did for me!


Mr. Higgins dedicated himself to representing my case against my former employer after I was terminated due to a health issue. He was extremely knowledgeable, highly professional and compassionate. I was very pleased with the settlement I received, as well as the representation he provided. He fully intimidated the officers of a corporation with multi-billion annual revenues (my former employer) by presenting my case brilliantly.


Class Act person . . .

Alex fights for you like family. Your best interest is his bottomline. He responds to your questions immediately and with caring answers of your concerns. I felt very important to Alex and that my case counted. Many times I wanted to give up but with Alex's capabilities, experience and diligence he was able to get me a satisfactory settlement when I thought all avenue's had been exhausted. Alex also is a nice guy full of kindness and ethics. I would recommend Alex in a heartbeat in employment law.


The Best Lawyer to Have in Your Corner

I was in a life altering situation that had the potential change my future and the future of my family forever. I was referred to Mr Higgins by someone I trusted and it was one of the best decision I ever made. Mr. Higgins is a person of incredible integrity. He is smart, compassionate, well informed, knows the law and is well respected in the legal community. He kept me informed weekly and whenever there was any change or new developement. The first day of proceedings, opposing counsel consisted of 5 attorneys. Mr. Higgins wasn't even phased, he was well prepared and waded right into the fray, destroyed the opposing side's case and emerge the clear winner. Alex Higgins never forgot that I was a real person and a family man who was being wronged and needed his help. Maybe that's because he has a family of his own.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex Higgins to anyone in need of legal counsel, but especially those I care about.

Allen S.

I was extremely fortunate to have Alex represent me.  He guided me through a very complex and libelous legal case.  The outcome was better than I expected. We conferred by phone, email, and face-to-face.  In all instances he was engaged, accommodating to my wishes, and understanding of long-term implications.  I couldn’t be happier. 


Alex is an awesome Attorney and a highly capable advocate. He provided a well reasoned analysis of my issue upfront and then provided great representation throughout the process.  Working with Alex is extremely efficient and straightforward. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for representation with employment issues.


Great Attorney

I hired Mr. Higgins in 2010 when I was wrongfully terminated. The first thing that I noticed about him was that he was frank and to the point. He was certainly not going to waste time. I learned to appreciate this considering lawyers charge hourly. He always kept me informed on what was going on and made sure I understood everything that was happening. I ended up settling in this situation and not filing a law suit. He later represented me in a business dispute I had. In this situation both Mr. Higgins and I thought it would be an open and shut case. It turned out to be the complete opposite.

We ended up having depositions, mediation and then ended up going to arbitration. It was quite a lengthy process and quite exhausting. What I learned about Mr. Higgins during this time is he will not give up! He worked so hard for me. He was amazing. I was very impressed with him. I have recommend Mr. Higgins and will continue to do so. He is an incredible attorney. Very professional and intelligent. He just gets it. At the end of the day he is also a real person and that is refreshing when it comes to an attorney (sorry, but it is). I have the utmost respect for Mr. Alex Higgins. Oh and yes we did win the arbitration.


Alex was confident, matter of fact and no nonsense but did not seem arrogant.

He listened attentively, asked questions to understand the situation clearly, and seemed caring but never promised me more than what was possible within the law. He presented my options in a simple understandable fashion, and because his communication was direct and honest without any embellishments, he earned my trust instantly. I ended up needing his expertise more than we both anticipated as my case was rather unusual.

He worked with me as a partner throughout the process. He returned emails, texts and calls promptly (even during his vacation) and kept me informed at every step while representing me. He was straightforward and unemotional when he needed to present the facts but was thoughtful, supportive and compassionate when I struggled and couldn’t think clearly. He redirected me many times firmly but respectfully whenever my emotions got in the way and I could not see the big picture. He fought for my case as if it was his own problem.

He made me feel like I was the only client he was working for, and I was an individual more than just a legal matter. He was a great negotiator and conveyed my thoughts and responses to the other side appropriately. I cannot thank Alex enough for the excellent work he did for me! Because of his strategic approach, he managed to save both my pride and career. I do not have any other experience with another lawyer to compare, but I am confident that he is one of the top ones. He did not waste time or money and was worth every dollar I spent.

I hope I will never have to deal with anything like this ever again but if I did, Alex definitely will be the attorney I will contact. I highly recommend Alex! A brilliant and decent human being!


Alex Higgins - Amazing Lawyer and Great Person

I had the pleasure of working with Alex earlier this year and would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney who understands labor & employment law. His professionalism and ability to immediately connect with me on all levels was impressive. He understood how to balance the emotional impact our case had on me, offering sound advice and setting realistic expectations. Alex is someone you want to work with because his is such a strong advocate for his clients, and truly "gets it". I can't thank Alex enough for what he did for me, and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional lawyer and great guy.


Excellent experience

I was referred to Alex by a local law firm to help me with an employment agreement. He was responsive (even when he was on vacation), helpful, thorough, thoughtful, detail-oriented and obviously experienced at this area of law. I've worked with a lot of lawyers in both a professional capacity as well as for personal business and he was definitely one of the good ones.

When things got emotional for me during one point of the negotiations, he offered counsel that was thoughtful yet unemotional. I appreciated that he was able to bring balance to the situation and that he wasn't out to use my emotions to drag out the situation. Instead, he helped me center on a compromise situation and represented my emotions to the other side (which meant a lot) but worked with me focus on the the long-term results.

I would definitely use him again. His prices were reasonable and he was easy to work with.


Excellent experience with Alex

I initially consulted Alex on some questions when considering whether, and under what conditions, to leave my then-current employer. After a 45-minute discussion, I left with both clarity around the questions as well as a strategy/plan to move forward. At the time I was impressed with Alex's legal knowledge, his personable style, his efficiency, his ability to cut to the heart of a matter ... and the fact that I left with actionable advice.

I later engaged Alex to represent me on a matter related to unemployment insurance. Alex's knowledge of the relevant law, and his practical experience with the processes, enabled him to develop a strategy/plan. He coached me on my role in it. The outcome was positive.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Alex and even learned a few things about employment law and its application in Washington state. I respect Alex's intellect and knowledge ... and particularly value his pragmatic approach. He will not waste your time or money. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for a similar experience.


Excellent Experience

I feel very fortunate to have been put in contact with Alex Higgins, for my unlawful termination/disability case. He has that unique combination of skills and professionalism, yet still extremely personable. His actions show he cares about his clients and I appreciated being able to trust that he was looking out for my best interests. Not only is he excellent at his work, hes also a fantastic human being!


Intelligence, Expertise, and Compassion Make an Excellent Legal Advocate

I have never needed an attorney before and was dealing with a situation that was extremely stressful and was potentially life changing for me. I worked with one lawyer who was a complete waste of funds and then found Alex.

Alex is not only intelligent and was able to answer all of my legal questions easily, he demonstrated compassion - understanding that the extreme amount of stress I was under was taking a toll on my health. He made solid recommendations and guided me through the situation with confidence and expertise.

Alex was very conscious of my time and resources and his billing rates are extremely reasonable.

I will be honest: I was scared -- I didn't know how the situation would turn out and had never had to hire an attorney for any other matter. Alex helped me - he made sense of the legal terms and contracts and was able to negotiate a favorable outcome for me even though I placed rather tight time restrictions on him.

I would not hesitate to hire Alex again and would wholeheartedly recommend him.


Excellent Attorney

In representing me, Alex proved to be knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and highly ethical. I especially appreciated his kind approach as he separated the legal issues from the emotional, as well as his specific direction on documentation required to support my case. Throughout the process, he provided clear options and outlined the potential consequences of each. During discussions with my employer’s legal team, he was polite but firm, conducting the meetings with the calm confidence of the well-prepared. Alex kept me informed every step of the way, and he made it clear that I could contact him at any time if I had concerns or questions. When my very powerful employer became intransigent, Alex’s expertise proved invaluable as he effectively pressed for a fair resolution. I was very pleased with the resulting settlement, though Alex would gladly have taken it to the next level if I had wished. I felt I had the very best representation with a compassionate and skillful attorney who was more than a match for the opposition.